Molly, a young volunteer, writes about her travels during lockdown

During lockdown, I have travelled to York. Our visit to York was very different because of the current situation. As we entered our hotel, there were hand sanitisers that you could use and there were plastic screens at reception which the staff would be behind to protect the guests. Whilst walking through the city, most people wore their masks outside and most people were social distancing, however not everyone was. You had to wear your masks in shops and in York Minster when we went inside. We found that there were very little toilet facilities open around York due to people having to clean them thoroughly after every use. There was a row of porter-loo type toilets on one street where people were social distancing whilst queuing.

During the summer holidays in lockdown, I also went to Scotland. We were lucky enough that we didn’t go to many indoor spaces which meant we didn’t have to wear our masks much. When we were in the reception of the hotel we were told to wear our masks, however they said whilst walking around the hotel it wasn’t compulsory but it was advised to wear one. In the hotel restaurant, they had screens in between each table to minimise risk of infection or cross-contamination between tables.

At the beginning of lockdown it was hard to adapt to the changes but now the new “normal” is easier to adapt with as times change. As a young person, travelling hasn’t been much of a problem as I have been mostly staying at home because schools have been shut. I also haven’t needed to go on much public transport to get to places. I didn’t like the changes in the beginning and I struggled to adapt to the changes but now I feel it is easier to think of the current situation as the new “normal” because it has been going on for a couple of months now.