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2708, 2020

Travelling during lockdown

27th August 2020 |

Molly, a young volunteer, writes about her travels during lockdown During lockdown, I have travelled to York. Our visit to York was very different because of the current situation. As we entered our hotel, there

1108, 2020

Life after lockdown

11th August 2020 |

Amy, one of our young volunteers, expresses how she feels about getting back to a 'new normal'.... Over the past three months, I think most of us have become accustomed to life in lockdown and

1607, 2020

Online appointments

16th July 2020 |

Daisy, a Young Healthwatch volunteer, has a positive outlook regarding online appointments. As someone with multiple chronic illnesses, I usually have to go to the hospitals at least once of week, which the pandemic has

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