Who conducts Enter & View visits?

Healthwatch Central Bedfordshire is fortunate to have a group of volunteers who join staff to carry out Enter & View visits.

All of these people have undergone the appropriate training and conduct Enter & View visits:

Diana Blackmun

Dave Simpson

Dee Dillistone

Alison Newnham
Alison Newnham

Linda Grant

Annette Brown HWCB Volunteer
Annette Brown

Brian Scott HWCB Volunteer
Brian Scott

Carol Carter HWCB Volunteer
Carol Carter

David Debutts HWCB Volunteer
David Debutts

Susan Clark HWCB Volunteer
Susan Clark

Den Fensome HWCB Volunteer
Den Fensome

Linda Harrison HWCB Volunteer
Linda Harrison

Leanne Fitzsimmons
Leanne Fitzsimmons

Michael Hyde
Michael Hyde

Mani Menna
Mani Menna