Review for West Street Surgery

I have had multiple poor experiences with my doctor at this surgery (I don’t know if naming him is against the rules) but today has pushed me over the edge. I had booked a full medical needing at least 30 mins. Reception had only booked me a 10 minute slot for this so the doctor was irritated from the start. In fact when I went into his office and said ‘Good morning, I’m here for my full medical check.’, his greeting to me was “What, in a 10 minutes appointment? sigh.” Not even a ‘hello’ or ‘how are you?’ He then proceed to carry out the most perfunctory, disinterested and uncommunicative whiz through of the medical questionnaire I had booked. He asked me very few questions and clearly did not care about the task at all. I had a letter with me explaining the reason for the medical and he didn’t read it. He asked me what it was about so I told him. He then asked me twice more what it was for before we were done, which shows how little attention he was paying. He took my blood pressure, measurements and weight, but didn’t bother telling me what the results were. In fact, he barely spoke at all. Any questions about medication or my medical history had to come from my memory as he didn’t look up anything in my records. After 8 minutes he was done. In comparison, my wife had the exact same medical booked with her own GP. She was in there for 45 minutes and her doctor checked her all over, giving her prods and pokes where the examination required it and went through her full medical record history with her to clarify everything. My doctor barely looked up from his keyboard, no examination was carried out at all. The only thing he looked up was to see when I last went to the surgery. Doctor Quartley is a disgrace to his profession. If he doesn’t give the slightest care about his patients he should not be a GP.

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