Review for WELLER WING (SEPT) Bedford Hospital

I was referred here after still needing support following 3/4 years of under 18 counselling. I had two appointments in which I was asked intimate questions, which you would expect, was prescribed about a months worth of medication, and referred to the psychology department. Since then I have heard nothing, even after calling multiple times to request information on when I might receive extra support, to which I was told nothing and given no reassurance. As well as calling a couple of times when feeling extremely down, in which I had been told to go to A&E and let them know of my symptoms. What symptoms? I’m emotion and on the verge of suicidal, I would not be willing to go into A&E and explain that, especially knowing I would most likely be send home or sit in a waiting room for hours if I did. On top of that, every time I called I left my name and the name of the doctor I had seen twice in the hopes that a message might get passed to him so he might get in contact, but again nothing. Now I am still no better, maybe even worse, and where else can I go? This is an NHS service and I cannot afford private health care.

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