Review for CIRCLE MSK Services

I was referred to MSK summer 2018 and seen the first week in Sept. The assessment for a severely arthritic hip was very good, but the follow up appalling. I never got a copy of the assessment letter, so did not have confirmation of what was had been agreed. It took 5 weeks for a referral for hydrotherapy to cross the car park, and I was then told the waiting list was 2 months. I therefore went private and in Nov tried to contact MSK to proceed to the next stage – referral for hip replacement, which by then was urgent as I live alone and was barely coping. Impossible to contact MSK, the statement that you are answered after 3 rings is a joke. An answerphone says your call is important, but all staff are busy. A minute later the same voice says bluntly that they cannot take your call and cuts you off. I tried multiple times each day with no success, I left increasingly desperate messages, I wrote emails. A week later I had a short email, no name just MSK, saying I had been referred to the orthopaedic surgeon. I felt reassured, until 31 Dec when I had a call to ask for details, in order to refer me to the surgeon. I pointed out that I had been told that this had already been done. He muttered that it had been tried and failed. Totally unconvincing. In my opinion I had been blatently lied to in order to get me off their backs. I am appalled at the lack of care and service. My hip continues to deteriorate and I just pray that I do not end up unable to care for myself before I get the help I need.

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