Review for Luton and Dunstable Hospital

Arrived to the L & D hospital via ambulance with swollen mouth, tonsilits and UTI. Bloods stated highly septic within couple hours sent home on two different occasions. It had taken me many weeks for my body to battle with fighting the infection, of taking a lot of different oral antibiotic. In 2018 things have gone worse to worse. L & D hospital at the A & E department are still using the same method of neglecting there patients very badly to meet targets Had a oral infection and still had my tonsillectomy. I arrived at the L & D, A & E twice, due to not be able to swallow for many days and constantly vomiting, swollen lips, swollen tongue, mouth, severely dehydrated. They were sending me home with anti sickness tablets. I was extremely vulnerable, as I could not talk. I had to really fight my case to the junior and senior Doctor, as they were coming to the end of cut of time, to clear A & E, so that they meet there targets. Also within the time spent in and out of hospital. Being a vulnerable patient who could not speak correctly due to swollen neck. Consultants, Nurses, doctors, failed to identify and treat oral thrush before and after tonsillectomy, failed to identify the route cause of causing very low blood pressure and dizziness, failed to explain confidently why I was barrier nursed. Experiencing bad care service delivered, has left me traumatised that I cannot work at L & D. I feel this is worse than being in a third world country.

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