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I recently moved here and I don’t think they provide a good service. You call to see your Dr and you can never get an appointment. The front desk aren’t qualified to be telling me I don’t need a Doctor. You might get a call from her the same day, she asks you the problem then gives you advice, that’s it. I could get the same service from the internet. The surgery is paid for each patient they register, but given the service (or lack of), she probably isn’t seeing most of them. It doesn’t feel like a GP service, I feel its just another privatisation of the NHS. They were in the local newspaper, a full page about the problems not long ago, nothing was done. Somebody needs to listen to the patients and make changes at the surgery.

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Leighton Buzzard
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  1. Mr C 11, January 2019 at 2:48 pm - Reply

    I’ve been here for 8 years and what was a good GP service has declined to an absolute mess. Last year I was diagnosed with a life threatening condition at A&E. The follow up/advice from the surgery was awful. They even turned me away as they couldn’t accept appointments as they only release a quota each day and its luck of the draw!! I now have to order medication on a monthly basis. The online app to do this fails consistently and I have to keep calling the surgery to reset the password/order my medication. Like everyone else, I wait up to 45 mins on hold having been told by the automated system that “You are 16 in the queue”!!!!!! Aaargh!!! The worst GP surgery I have ever encountered. Shameful

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