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Despite a request from my GP, Circle MSK are refusing me even a consultation about my treatment. Since I was forced to engage with them – as there are no other options – they have been rude, unprofessional, not provided expertise, fobbed me off without options and refused my access to any clinician with any knowledge of my condition. I have dysplasia which I have had since birth and surgery as a child. I now have severe Oesteoarthritis and am struggling to walk, drive, or walk up stairs or hills. The advice and support from MSK has been appalling. My only ‘consultation’ has been with a physio who did not know what dysplasia was, had no access to my x-rays and told me I could only have access to a consultant if I was sure I wanted a hip replacement. I have not been allowed to speak to a consultant about my options or even a specialist GP. I did request to go on APOS Therapy (which physio knew little about) but I had researched, which is helping a bit but it is a very long process (2-3 years). Circle MSK will not allow me to speak to a consultant or specialist GP unless I end my APOS Therapy prematurely (it’s been 6 months) first. This is an utterly ridiculous rule when therapies offered are for years at a time and means that no one is allowed to have multiple therapies to get better – against all clinical practice outcomes.
I have been treated with utter disdain and disregard by the Circle MSK physio allocated to decide my treatment plan without any clinical knowledge of my condition or insight into options. In addition, this absurd rule that I am not allowed even a review of my treatment unless I end my 2-3 year treatment is outrageous. Despite having a life-changing condition I am not allowed access to a consultant to discuss options at any stage. I have gone from having slight pain occasionally to now finding walking really difficult, and cannot walk without a significant limp. I am 54 not 94! Having a congenital condition that required surgery at Royal National Orthopedic should not be treated by a physio talking to me in a patronising and sexist manner suggesting that “these things happen and you just have to put up with it” and “take some painkillers”. The appalling rules and provision of only a physio to diagnose my condition and dispense my options is honestly the worst experience in the NHS I have ever had. Please help me to get access to an appropriate consultant as my GP Practice have their hands tied by Circle MSK and are not allowed to refer anyone outside of it – despite privately acknowledging it’s failings. All other health support for myself and my family have been very good. This service doesn’t even deserve 1 star – I would give it -5. The consequences are really serious. I am getting other health problems because I cannot exercise, my Oesteoarthritis is now very serious because I was not able to see a consultant while I still had any cartilage left. People now stop me in the street and ask me what is wrong with my hip.

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