Susan Clark, HWCB volunteer, tells us about having the Covid-19 vaccination.

I went for my appointment via the NHS, not the doctor’s surgery on Saturday 6th Feb at 12.50. My appointment was at the Redgrave Children’s Centre in Luton.

I was early, but welcomed initially on the gate and told where to park; welcomed again outside entrance and then inside where I was booked in via my number for the day. I asked if there was a toilet and was shown facilities which was spotless and warm.

I then followed arrows on the floor and after a 20 sec wait another volunteer kindly showed me to one of the many desks, with a nurse and doctor at each. My nurse and doctor introduced themselves to me and I had to do the same, obviously confirming date of birth etc. and answering a few health question to eliminate certain characteristics some may have with their health. The injection did not hurt at all.

The doctor used his charm to make a light hearted atmosphere and all done. He filled in a card and gave me other paperwork, asking me to sit away from him where one or two others were well spaced out.

He had asked if I drove and that was the reason I had to sit for 15min, but people who were driven, or had walked, could leave if they felt OK.

Leaving was from a different exit so it was one-way.  Each seat I sat on was sanitized immediately I got up.

Finally, a smile and a wave goodbye from entrance crew.

I felt fine but at 2am Sunday morning I did feel very cold and shivering…..the house wasn’t cold as the heating is on 24/7, but another layer on the bed did the trick and I was fine Sunday and thereafter.