Daisy, a Young Healthwatch Volunteer, has joined the band of NHS responders during the Covid-19 pandemic. She shares how she is helping…..

I have become a volunteer for the NHS Responders programme, to provide a support service to those who are self-isolating within this pandemic. Personally, I am a check in and chat plus volunteer, which means I regularly call people across the country and speak to them about how they are doing, and refer them to other services if needed.

Daisy blog

Applications opened a few weeks ago, and I had to enter all my information, and send a copy of my enhanced DBS check, for them to verify,. One this had all been processed, ii had to attend a 2 hour training session, which briefed us volunteers on mental health situations, and their designated safeguarding team, and what to do in situations like this. WE were also emailed a welcome pack, which told us how to use the app, and how to best approach situations, such as if they report they are being abused, or if they are struggling with their mental health.

I received my first alert a few days ago, and my task was to call a lady who lives near London. I have to call her 3 times every week for 10 weeks, and make sure she has someone to speak to, that she is receiving the right amount of support, and that she has enough groceries. I made my first call to her on Tuesday, and she really appreciated me calling. I had to call the support team to get some answers to some questions she had, and they were so helpful too. Hopefully we can continue to improve our rapport, and I can help her as much as I can.