Valentina, a Young Healthwatch volunteer, has written about how ThinkNinja has helped her through lockdown, and how she is still using it.

On the 2nd April 2020 I installed an app called Think Ninja by Healios in hopes that it will help me better deal with my anxiety and my concerns regarding Covid 19. I had spent two weeks in lockdown and was already losing my mind. Once installing it, I made a 2 week report on the app where I was describing my progress regarding my mental health and what my opinions on the app were.

Since then I have had the app for 2 months now and I have been using it every week, if not nearly every day, to help myself improve my mental health.

Mobile App for Mental Wellbeing

Before I was using it every day, not just for the purpose of my report but because I really felt like I needed a little bit of support. I can truly say doing that has made me a happier, and most importantly, a healthier person.

Think Ninja has helped me improve my sleeping schedule and helped me identify my ‘fight or flight’ response when dealing with stressful situations, and that is just to name a few. I found myself realising when I was in situations that would normally stress me out, and identifying how I have responded to them. Although this doesn’t sound like a big deal, to me it really was, because once I was identifying my response to a bad situation, I could then change how I would react in the future.

I believe that Think Ninja has the ability to help a lot of people who are dealing with mental health issues and like me, don’t necessarily like sharing how they feel with people.

Mobile app for mental wellbeingThe app has everything it needs to be a good and effective app. From the beautiful, neutral and calming colour palette of the animations, to the relaxing music and inclusive language in the educational videos. Think Ninja has some very subtle but very effective details that truly make it a stand-out app for me. In terms of presentation and concept, the originality is definitely there. The concept of a little guru/ninja ‘fighting’, so to speak, to help you with your mental health, is something I have not come across before and to me was a breath of fresh air.

Anyone who appreciates art and animation will appreciate the beauty of the app in general. Users of the app will realise that you don’t need bold and rigorous colours like red or green when trying to learn about anxiety. Those colours represent emotions such as anger, so the colours have to be pastel and neutral to not subconsciously influence any unwanted emotion. The team at Healios have done a great job at creating a beautiful app.

Often in the past I have used apps that have promised to help me have a regular sleep routine and deal with my issues productively. However, just as I am writing this, I see again the problem. You can’t promise me you’ll help me have a regular sleep routine, as you do not know what regular is for me. An app flooding a young adult’s brain with statistics they should meet, makes them feel insecure and guilty and only adds more pressure to something as natural as sleeping. Think Ninja doesn’t do this. The app advises and gives you time to work on yourself and your goals, that is something crucial as these personal issues we struggle with will not be resolved in the same way at the same time.

People work differently, that is the beauty of the human race, we all deal with our problems differently and we all have different things that concern us. However, I do think we could all benefit from taking a little time to answer some questions on how we feel and educate ourselves a little on the problems we might be facing. Especially in crazy times like this, when access to socialisation and human interaction is scarce, it might benefit you to spend a small amount of the time you spend on your phone, improving your mental health. This is why I recommend this app to everyone who might be feeling like they need some help and to anyone who wants some advice, or some more information on issues like anxiety.

The app designers have done a very good job at creating a lovely little app that has truly been helping me with my own concern during lockdown, and I will definitely be keeping it for the future.