Review for Leighton Road Surgery

I paid for a private Bluecrest Health report in September 2018. My results recommended that I should see my GP to have my blood pressure re-checked and a urine test for protein and blood about 12 weeks later as I was lacking in Vitamin B12. I have been unable to make an appointment to see either a Doctor or a Nurse to do this simple task as I have been unable to make an appointment. I have been given a password on 3 separate occasions and it only worked on the third occasion. Once online I was greeted with a message that all appointments were booked up for the next two weeks and I could not book further in advance. I have tried phoning up and been kept on hold for up to 30 minutes just to get a password. Also, when I asked about making an appointment to see a skin specialist, I was told that they did not have anyone ( however, the previous female specialist that I had seen asked me to make a note at home of the date when I should try to get an appointment to see her next in 6 months’ time. Finally, I also told the receptionist that I had discovered a lump in one breast and asked if maybe I could see a nurse who could possibly give me some information and hopefully put my mind at rest, only to be told to log on using the same password. I was unable to phone after 8am due to needing to get ready or drive to work at that time. Therefore, I have given up trying to get an appointment and have just purchased Vitamin B12 myself without a further blood test.

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Leighton Buzzard
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