Bedford Hospital has taken the decision to temporarily close the hydro-therapy pool at Gilbert Hitchcock House. Due to the age of the pool, there have been a significant number of breakdowns over the past year which has prevented the Trust from providing a consistent level of care to their patients.  As a consequence to this, the chlorine and ph. levels have been very difficult to balance which then becomes a patient safety issue.

Contingency plans have been put in place for patients so they may carry on their rehabilitation within treatment rooms  in which staff can adapt exercise programmes to take in to account any inability to fully bear weight.

Karen Ward, Chief Operating Officer at Bedford Hospital NHS Trust said, “We are sorry to have to close this service but feel at this point it is the best option in providing good quality, consistent patient care along with the appropriate and effective use of public funds. We will be reviewing this decision in three months’ time”.

Please do not hesitate to contact Bedford Hospital should you have any queries regarding this –