Stoptober begins in only a few days time and Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC) is encouraging you to support your family, friends, and colleagues to help them go smoke free.

How can you help someone?

People are three times more likely to succeed in their goals with support and medication from a specialist. Combining professional help with support from family and friends is a huge bonus.

Quitting can improve mood and help relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. Those who do quit for a year halve their risk of a heart attack, compared to smokers.

The best things you can do to support someone are:

Did you know…

Smoking remains one of the nation’s leading causes of preventable illnesses and death, killing on average 78,000 people each year.

Free stop smoking clinics

Free stop smoking clinics are running throughout Stoptober to allow you – or someone you know – to receive support to go smoke free.

“I didn’t believe that I could stop – I’ve been smoking for 25 years. With the help of the clinic and my support worker this was achievable. She was just a text away and really encouraged me.  This is the first time in my life I’ve stopped on my own terms. I’m so proud of myself.” 

Support to stop smoking

Book a remote appointment by calling for free on 0800 013 0553 or visit