Share your experience of health & social care on film

///Share your experience of health & social care on film

Would you like to share your experience of health & social care on film?

BLMK-logoThe Bedfordshire, Luton & Milton Keynes (BLMK) Sustainability Transformation Plan (STP) Communications Team has recently approached all four local Healthwatch in the BLMK area to support an initiative to share real life patient experiences of navigating health and social care services provided locally. They would like to use real life experiences to inform their Plans, to help develop services that meet the needs of a growing and diverse population, and transform health and social care across the BLMK area.

Ideally the team would like to film local people, or talk directly with people telling their story. There are several ways you can do this:

  • The team will visit you at a location of your choice so you can talk directly on film about your experiencevideo
  • You can record your experience using your own video and send it to the team
  • You can send your written story into the team and they will organise an actor to act out your story on film.
  • The team will visit you (or this can be at Healthwatch Central Bedfordshire’s office if you prefer) so you can tell them your story. They will record the details and then organise an actor to act out your story on film.

The team would like you to tell them your story in your own words but have asked that you include the following:

  • Build a picture about yourself (you can have a different name if you wish), for example, your age, background, where born and bred, hobbies and interests,
    profession or profession before retirement if applicable
  • Your medical and social needs and how they affect your day-to-day life
  • Your experiences with primary care (GP, hospital) and secondary care (community health services, mental health services, domiciliary care)
  • Your experiences with Adult Social Care
  • Your feelings towards medical and social care staff working together, e.g., feelings of having to repeat yourself at each appointment, what impact has this had on you and your wider family?, Where you are now in terms of your patient journey, how could your local experiences, for yourself and your family, be improved?

If you would like to tell your story please get in touch with the team at Healthwatch Central Bedfordshire on 0300 303 8554 or by email to


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