Review for WELLER WING (SEPT) Bedford Hospital

Nothing can prepare you for the total lack of professionalism and the fact that nobody actually could care less about their patients. All the do is throw pills at you and never try to get to the cause of the illness. If you have a crisis, just forget it you would be much better off going to your GP. The time in takes between appointments is normally over twice the time that they say it will be. If you feel suicidal go to the Samaritans because, if you phone them up, you are told to go to A&E which is often crowded and intimidating, rather than to go there and see an on call psychiatrist which would make much more sense. To be brutally frank I have, more times than not, left there feeling much worse than when I went in. When will they ever function as a proper facility ? I haven’t ticked the box about how to make an official complaint because it’s totally pointless as nothing ever gets any better and no-one could care less.

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