Review for Luton and Dunstable Hospital

Last week our Volunteer Group had a call from a client who needed to go to an appointment at the L&D hospital. She contacted us on Friday and her appointment was the following Wednesday but we needed to know what regulations were in place at the hospital.

The L&D phoneline and website both had clear messages – no visitors. Was our Volunteer a visitor in these circumstances? By now it was late on Friday afternoon. I rang the PALS office, no reply, but I left a message, in hope rather than expectation, that someone would respond on the Tuesday after the Bank Holiday. I was delighted and surprised to receive a call from a very pleasant lady in the PALS office on the Monday morning. She said that no hospital volunteers were working due to the Covid 19 situation but explained how we could manage the visit, access a wheelchair, find the department etc. and was most helpful with all her answers to my many questions. It seemed like a bonus when she told us the car parking was currently free!

All of this up to date information resulted in a much less stressful visit for our Volunteer and client as they knew exactly where to go and what to do. The visit went smoothly – even no problem finding a space in the “free” car park. (How often does that happen?)
Thank you to the lady manning the PALS phone line. You provided a very useful and helpful service.

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