Review for Houghton Regis Medical Centre

Extremely useless staff in this surgery, from receptionists to doctors. The doctor I am registered with is doing consultations depending on his mood. I have thyroid disorder and one time he told me that was within normal limits and I did not need treatment, next time he said i would need to increase the dosage of the medication when I would get pregnant. Happily, I got pregnant and I booked an appointment as established previously for medication increase. He said he never advised me to increase it. He is very inconsistent and unknowledgeable. None of the doctors from this surgery gave me a different feeling. I was so happy about my pregnancy and he just vanished it being moody and unhelpful. I cannot trust people like this when it comes to my and my baby’s health. He took my blood pressure and he said ‘quite ok’ with no other explanation, moreover he was irritated when I asked why is ‘quite ok and not ok’. Very unprofessional!! While I was waiting at the reception to book my appointment with the midwife, he called asking if I was still there because he forgot to book me in for blood test. Why didn’t he discuss it with me when I was in his office?! He did not ask me how I am feeling, how many weeks I am pregnant, what vitamins to take if I need any..just needed advice which I never got from this doctor. I never felt I got help and support from him. Also, the receptionists always seem disturbed when you ask them something or ring in for appointments or results. Not happy at all with this surgery!

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