Red Bag SchemeHave you heard of the Red Bag Initiative? No, well this blog post provides information on how Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (BCCG)together with Central Bedfordshire Council have launched this simple initiative to help people living in care homes and learning disability homes receive quick and effective transfer and treatment should they need to go into hospital.

The “Red Bag” keeps important information about the health of a resident in one place, which is easily accessible to ambulance and hospital staff. This means that ambulance and hospital staff can determine the treatment a resident needs more effectively.

The Red Bag Initiative aims to:

  • Improve the patient’s experience of being taken to and from hospital and to provide more patient centred care
  • Improve the admission and discharge process through having important information readily available in one place
  • Improve communication by all staff involved in the resident’s care to and from hospital
  • Speed up discharge as the patient can be clearly identified as being a resident of a care home or learning disability home
  • Aid clearer coordination of medications and more inclusive discharge planning
  • Reduce loss of documentation
  • Reduce loss of personal belongings

What goes into the Red Bag?

  •  Standardised information about the resident’s general health
  • Details of any existing medical conditions
  • Medication the resident is taking
  • Details of their current health concern
  • Personal belongings such as clothing, glasses etc

The Red Bag stays with the patient whilst they are in hospital. When patients are ready to return to their home, a copy of their discharge summary letter will be placed in the red bag so that staff have access to the information when their resident arrives back at their care or learning disabilities home.

The Red Bag initiative is being implemented by Clinical Commissioning Groups across the country. To find out more about how the Red Bag Initiative works in Bedfordshire visit the Bedfordshire Clinial Commissioning Group website by clicking HERE