A new partnership has been launched in Central Bedfordshire to better support local adults with autism.

Central Bedfordshire Council have created Bedfordshire Autism Voice in collaboration with Autism Bedfordshire. Bedfordshire Autism Voice will hold community based, local meetings to discuss issues that are important to people with autism living in Central Bedfordshire.

Previously Bedfordshire’s Think Autism Partnership Board, which was introduced in 2009, met every three months to discuss services across Bedfordshire. A review carried out in 2019 showed that 60 per cent of people surveyed felt that meetings should focus on local issues and things impacting on people’s daily lives. Instead of covering the whole of Bedfordshire, 93 per cent said they would like to try a more local meeting.

As a result, Bedfordshire Autism Voice has been formed. It will hold meetings once every three months in locations in the north, south and middle of Central Bedfordshire.

The first meeting is in Biggleswade on 27 April. Details can be found on our events page.

A team of professionals – the Bedfordshire Autism Voice Alliance – will meet every six months to support Bedfordshire Autism Voice in making changes.