Central Bedfordshire Council is offering a new select and collect service in their twelve libraries.

This will see customers able to request, borrow and return books at libraries, without entering the building, to ensure the safety of customers and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the pandemic, the council has continued to offer access to its virtual library, as well as expanding the range of online events and resources available.

How does Select and Collect work?

Whether you use the online Select and Collect Form or call your local Select and Collect Line, you will need to tell them:

  • Where you would like to collect your books from.
  • What type of stock you would like to request – books, large print or spoken word
  • What genre/subject of books you would like. You can request multiple genres/subjects
  • Provide more detail about what you like to read – authors you like, books you have enjoyed, specifics about the genre/subject you have selected, for example Scandi-Noir or Cosy for crime.
    Also highlight if you would prefer paperbacks.
  • How many of each genre/subject you would like – a maximum of 10 books in total can be requested at one time (4 for Instant or Online Registered borrowers)

Once you’ve told them what you want, the staff will select the books from your chosen library.

Please be aware that selecting the books may take a little while due to limited staffing in the current situation. They may not be able to provide you exactly what you’ve ask for.

When your books are ready to collect you will receive an email or a letter.

Woman wearing a mask reading

Residents are reminded not to visit the library if they are unwell in any way, but especially if they have Coronavirus symptoms. A face covering must be worn when visiting the library. Pre-issued items will be brought to customers at the entrance to the library, after they confirm their name and the last four digits of their library card number.

There will be no public access to the main library building at this time and the public computers and printing/photocopying facilities will not be available.

As public health and government guidance changes, the services being offering will be reviewed.

Further updates on the re-opening of libraries will be published on the council’s website.