A Young Healthwatch member writes about their memories of an amazing tourist destination.

Dubai, where can I start? From riding a camel in the scorching heat, to visiting the air conditioned shopping centres, it is a wonderful place to travel to. The theme parks are massive, because of the heat they are all indoor parks, which makes them seem gigantic. The water parks are amazing because they are so refreshing and they have thrill seeking rides and slides. Quad biking was astonishing, gliding along the sand hills was breathtaking.

Dubai Skyline

My aunt lives there so I go once or twice a year. I have been going since I was 3 and I’m 16 now so that’s around 26 trips! There is so much to do in Dubai, from theme parks to the food they have everything. On my trips I have tried lots of delicious foods, one of my favourites being Shish taouk. My aunt took us to an outside brunch when we went last and it’s always so hot that I have to sometimes stand in the indoor part to cool down. Once when I was 7 we went to brunch and there was a drawing competition which I entered. At the end the winner was announced and I had won. The prize was a large chocolate camel, which my Nan still has to this day! Another time we went to brunch was at Halloween and me and my family dressed up as ghost busters. We needed a taxi to get there but no one would pick us up because they thought we were cleaners. In the end we had to book a taxi and we ended up winning the fancy dress competition.

Dubai is famous for their brunches. There are so many different types. For example, I went to another one that had a petting zoo in it.

Enough about brunches, let’s talk about theme parks. There are a lot of theme parks, some include; Ferrari World and IMG Worlds of Adventures.

Ferrari World is home to the fastest roller coaster in the world, with a top speed of 240 kmph.  IMG World is made up of Cartoon Network and Loony Toon character based rides and attractions. They are both inside theme parks because you can’t live without air con in Dubai.

Overall I have done lots of things in Dubai; from lounging by the pool to riding a camel. There is so much to do and I fully recommend you visit it!

Indoor theme park in Dubai