Joining up information to deliver better care across Bedfordshire, Luton & Milton Keynes.


Health and care organisations across BLMK are working together to implement a new approach called My Care Record.

My Care Record enables health and care professionals involved in your care to access information about you, even if they work for a different organisation or in a different location. For example, a hospital specialist or community nurse could view information from your GP record.

Dr. Paul Singer, Luton GP and Chief Clinical Information Officer for BLMK Integrated Care System explains:

“We know that when information is made available in a more joined-up way, we can provide faster, more effective care. The Coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the need to work together across services to deliver care, often from different locations. My Care Record is a key tool for making this happen.”

Several different secure computer systems are used across the region with more investment being made. The approach provides an agreement between all the health and care organisations involved. In line with GDPR, this means they commit to sharing information in a secure way to help improve care.

More information is available at

benefits of my care record