Helen Donavan, Professional Lead Psychologist Therapies for Bedfordshire and Luton shares the changes that they have undertaken to still provide mental health services during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mental Health Services - ELFT

We really appreciate the kindness and understanding of people as we are quickly adapting and learning new ways of working remotely. 

Of course we want to be as effective as we can with the current restrictions and service users are helping us improve all the time, such as their willingness to try new digital platforms and give us on-the-spot feedback.   

While there have been inevitable bumps, there have also been a lot of great experiences, which has only been possible because of the patience and kindness of our service users and staff learning together.   

We can also see that many of these changes will help us after the restrictions have lifted to deliver some aspects of services in a more convenient and accessible way, particularly to people in rural areas. 

It is good to hear positive feedback, and someone who was being supported by East London NHS Foundation Trust ADHD service comments:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the rest of the Twinwoods Health Resource Centre staff for your service, the help and support I have received from you.

I had waited for a very long time to get a consultation with an adult ADHD specialist and what I got from you was all that I had wished for and more. Whilst under your care, I felt that helping me was your priority and that you are ready to go an extra mile for patients like me.

This was a very meaningful experience to me. Please send my thanks and regards to Lynda and Dr Amir, as you have participated in a big change in my life. For that, I am ever so grateful and I wish you all the best.