The NHS is working on spending its money better. In 2017, the NHS spent just over 9 billion pounds on medicines on prescription in the community. Research shows that some medicines can be replaced with other medicines that work better, are safer or cost less money.

NHS England has been working with NHS Clinical Commissioners, pharmacists and other services to help the NHS spend money better, and to give patients better care. Together, they came up with a list of 8 medicines and medical products that should not be prescribed regularly in primary care.

For more information on what they have looked at, and their recommendations, please see here.

Public consultation events are taking place across the country, and for those in Central Bedfordshire the closest face to face consultation is in London, on 5th February 2019. To book a place please click here.

If you are unable to attend the face to face consultation, but would still like to be involved, there are two online meetings: