Central Bedfordshire Council are pleased to announce a new partnership with NOAH Enterprise who are delivering the new rough sleeper outreach service across the borough.

Central Bedfordshire were awarded government funding from Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG), through the Rough Sleepers Initiative Fund that is designed to support the most vulnerable people in the community who are sleeping outside in tents, woods and doorways.

NOAH Enterprise believe in offering hope and dignity to every person and have provided care and support for people experiencing homelessness since 1987 across the Bedfordshire region. The new team will search for, befriend and accompany people rough sleeping to connect with the help that they need to secure safe accommodation.

CBC Outreach Team

CBC Outreach Team

NOAH have also developed pathways into training and employment and have established partnerships with other key providers such as Mental Health services and Addiction Recovery.

If you see someone sleeping outside in Central Bedfordshire please submit an alert via the streetlink website. This goes straight to the outreach service who will visit the location within 48hrs to meet the person and offer them support.

Head of Welfare Services, Paul Prosser, said:

“Already the team have had some great successes such as helping a vulnerable couple who were found sleeping in a tent near Leighton Buzzard. During the wet weather the tent flooded and all their belongings and bedding were soaked through. Soon after the team helped them to get mental health support and from there to apply for and receive an offer of accommodation. They are now in a dry, safe place with a front door which provides the safety and dignity that we all need.”