Heads Up CampaignHeadsUp is a campaign to help men stay happy. The campaign targets men aged 30-59 in Milton Keynes and Bedfordshire. These men are less likely to seek help on mental health issues and tend to ‘suffer in silence’. The campaign is designed to offer men a source of information and guidance about any mental health issues they may be facing, communicated in a style to which they can relate.

HeadsUp was created following research with men aged 30-59 years old, which led the creation of a website. The website is designed to signpost men to the resources available but written in a more informal language. It also offers a wide range of tips and an online check- up tool to allow men to self-assess their symptoms without the involvement of other people.

Other features include a ‘hide my screen’ button to allow men to explore the site, but quickly move off the site if they are interrupted. A ‘toolbox’ offers lots of different resources to address issues that lead to feelings of low worth, anxiety and depression such as money problems, a relationship breakdown and trouble sleeping.

There is also a section on the website for friends and family who might be concerned about a man in their life. This section tells you how to support a man who is feeling low, including tell-tale signs and how to speak to a man who is struggling.