This May, GET LIPPY is back to help change the course of women’s health

For too long, women have been embarrassed about gynaecological health and their anatomy – from periods to menopause, women feel uncomfortable speaking out about these ‘taboo’ subjects with friends, family or their GP, which in turn puts their health at risk.

It is time to stop ignoring the symptoms, to stop using euphemisms, to banish the embarrassment and to start saving women’s lives.

The Eve Appeal, the only UK charity raising awareness and funding research in all five gynaecological cancers, has commissioned research that shows we need to improve the conversation between health care professionals and patients around gynae signs, symptoms and anatomy.

As part of the GET LIPPY awareness month, the charity is launching a national campaign to provide women with the right information and confidence to talk clearly about their anatomy in order to better diagnose key health concerns. And it is publishing a brand new set of TOP TIPS FOR TALKING GYNAE to help women across the country.