We know that the lead up to receiving your results can be an anxious time, especially this year with the added uncertainty.

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Some of our young volunteers received their ‘A’ Level results last week, and today is GCSE results day. There is a lot of unrest about what the results will be, due to lots of speculation from the media about how they will be below what they are expecting, which could jeopardise their University or College places.

It can be hard not to dwell on a negative event, but once you’ve processed your emotions it’s good to move on. Making a new plan and moving forward from this will make you stronger and more resilient. There are places you can get help and advice for where to go next, so do take advantage of what’s out there which could benefit you.

Public Health England has produced a helpful resource, which contains lots of useful links to advice and support around mental health issues for children and young people across Bedfordshire.

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