Lumi Nova: Tales of Courage is a digital therapeutic that helps with the symptoms of worries or anxiety for children aged 7-12 years with mild to moderate needs, helping them learn skills to self-manage their worries/anxiety in an engaging intergalactic adventure game (app).

Lumi Nova is for 7-12 year olds facing difficulties with anxiety, including:

  • Phobias e.g. Being afraid of spiders or insects heights, being near dogs, or the dark
  • Social anxiety e.g. Feeling worried about making new friends, going to social events
  • Separation anxiety e.g. Unable to sleep alone, worried about being away from parents, going to school.

Lumi Nova is not intended to be used by:

  1. Young people who do not have parent, carer, guardian or trusted adult supervision
  2. Young people who are currently experiencing suicidal thoughts or are at risk of self harm
  3. Young people that have severe anxiety or are in crisis
  4. Young people with severe mental health symptoms or diagnoses, who are not supported by a healthcare professional.

App screen shotBenefits for Young People

  1. Life long skills on how to self manage their worries
  2. Learning how to break down big worries into smaller challenges
  3. Increased resilience & confidence
  4. Opens dialogue around worries (with parent/guardian)
  5. Understanding worries & anxieties (psychoeducation)
  6. Timely access to therapeutic support
  7. Use at home (own space & own time)

App screen shot