CQC State-of-Care 2017.8The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has published its annual assessment of health and social care in England – The State of Health Care and Adult Social Care in England 2017/8.

State of Care looks at the trends, shares examples of good and outstanding care, and highlights where care needs to improve. The CQC warns of a growing ‘care injustice’ where access to good care increasingly depends on where in the country you live and the type of support you need.

The CQ looked at five factors that affect the sustainability of good care for people:

  • Access to care and support. Access to care varies across England. Some people cannot access the services they need, or their local services are not good enough
  • Quality of care for people.Most people in England receive a good quality of care. Our ratings show that overall quality has improved slightly from last year
  • Workforce to deliver care.The right workforce is crucial to make sure services can improve and provider high-quality, person-centred care
  • Capacity to meet demand. Demand for care continues to rise. This demand is from an ageing population, as well as the increasing number of people living with chronic conditions or multiple conditions such as diabetes and cancer
  • Funding and commissioning. Care providers need to plan the right services for people with the right resources. Funding, commissioning and decision-making should be in place to help providers to do this and to improve

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You can also use the interactive map below to explore ratings by location and download ratings reports for local authorities. You can also choose to view ratings reports by clinical commissioning group (CCG).